Rotary Encoders
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Auto Identification Systems


V600 - V600 electromagnetic coupling RFID system offers superior environment resistance with maximum communication distance up to 100 mm. Lineup includes built - in - battery Data Carriers (8 kbytes) and battery - less Data Carrier (256 bytes).
V670 - V670 electromagnetic inductive system offers long - life battery-free Data Carriers at high speed to read and write data 1,000 million times. Self execution mode for data processing with no host controller intervention.
V700 - V700 electromagnetic inductive system offers a medium transmission distance up to 250 mm. Equipped with multiple access function to enable reading and writing of multiple tags. 

V530-R150E-3 - Fixed - type 2 - dimensional code reader with intelligent light source and two-camera unit. It is compatible with data matrix and QR Code, and conforms to SEMI standard T7.

V530-R160E - Fixed - type 2 - dimensional code reader capable of dependably read pin-stamped markings. Support dot codes read at any angle: 360° compatibility.
V530-H3 - V530 - H3 offers 3 different types of handheld reader for reading of directly marked, ultra - small 2 - dimensional codes. In addition, it also reads dot cell codes.