Automation Systems

Machine Automation Controllers

Machine Automation Controller is designed to meet extreme machine control requirements and enables logic and advanced motion control in one.
Model No.
Brief Description
NJ Series Machine Automation Controllers
NJ Series 
New Sysmac automation platform with complete machine control through one connection and one software.
NX-SL Safety Control Units
Integration of Safety into machine automation enables simple, flexible system configuration.
NX-ECC201 NX-series EtherCAT Coupler Unit
Combine flexibility in Remote I/O configuration with the speed and determinism of EtherCAT.
NX-ID NX-series Digital Input Unit
A wide range of Digital Input Units from general-Purpose use to high-speed synchronous control.
NX-OD NX-series Digital Output Units
A wide range of Digital Output Units from general-Purpose use to high-speed synchronous control.
NX-AD NX-series Analog Input Unit
Analog Inputs to meet all machine control needs; from general-purpose inputs to high-speed synchronous, high-resolution units.
NX-DA NX-series Analog Output Unit
Analog Outputs to meet all machine control needs; from general-purpose outputs to high-speed synchronous, high-resolution control outputs.
NX-TS NX-series Temperature Input Unit
Temperature Input Units for Standard and High-speed, High-precision Temperature measurement and control.
NX-EC NX-series Incremental Encoder Input Unit
Read position information from incremental encoders, synchronised with the control cycle and EtherCAT Distributed Clock.
NX-ECS NX-series SSI Input Unit
Read position information from encoders with Synchronous Serial Interface (SSI).
NX-PG NX-series Pulse Output Unit
Positioning with Pulse Input Type Motor Drivers such as Stepper Motor Drive.
NX-PD NX-series System Unit
Power Supply Unit, Power Connection Unit, and FG Terminal Expansion Unit for NX-series.

Programmable Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) along with easy-to-use Support Software are available to flexibly handle applications from small-scale equipment to entire production lines. PLCs are used in many different industries and machines such as packaging, semiconductor machines and etc.
  • Micro PLCs
  • Basic PLCs
  • Modular PLCs
  • Rack PLCs
  • PLC-Based Process Controllers
  • PLC Software
  • PLC Power Supply Units
  • PLC Data Logging & Management
Programmable Terminals
Programmable Terminals, also known as Human Machine Interface (HMI), are easy-to-use machine management tool that not only function as an operator display and data-setting terminal, but also a maintenance tool for the complete control system.
  • NS Series (Advanced HMI)
  • NT Series (Basic HMI)
  • HMI Software
  • HMI Accessories
  • NV Series (Entry-level HMI)
  • NB Series (Basic HMI)
Motion Control
Motion Control offers positioning, speed and torque controls for various business machine control fields. Motion Control is widely used in the packaging, printing, textile, semiconductor production and assembly industries.
  • Servo Motors and Servo Drives
    • Motion Controllers
    • Frequency Inverters
    • Motion Control Software
Industrial Network
OMRON provides a wide range of master and slave devices for the DeviceNet, CompoNet, CompoBus/S, Ethernet and other industrial networks. DeviceNet has become international de facto networks for simplifying wiring and promoting device standardization and modularization, and CompoNet is a global multi-vendor open network that achieves high-speed data communications.
  • DeviceNet
  • CompoBus/S
  • Profibus
  • Serial Communication
  • Controller Link
  • Ethernet
  • CompoNet
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Profinet
  • EtherCAT
  • ModBus/TCP
IT/Software Products
Omron provides IT and software solutions that enables user to build, configure, program and communicate among devices easily.
  • Industrial IT Solutions
  • Software
Wiring and Connection Systems
Wiring Devices and Connection Systems help save work and space when connecting among PLC, DeviceNet, CompoBus / S and other devices.
  • Reduced-wiring Devices
  • I / O Blocks and I / O Terminals
  • Output Blocks
  • Connector-Terminal Conversion Units
  • Connecting Cables
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