Auto Identification Systems
PCB Inspection Systems
Vision Systems
Vision Sensors analyze images to perform appearance inspections, character inspections, positioning and defect inspections.
Model No.
Brief Description
FH Vision System
Industry's Fastest Compact Vision System. A new concept in image processing that considers machine cycle time.
FQ-M Vision Sensor
The new FQ-M series is a vision sensor designed specifically for Pick & Place applications. It comes with EtherCAT embedded and can be integrated easily into any environment.
FQ2 Smart Camera
Inspection capabilities, camera options, and communication options -- this powerful heavyweight has it all.
FZ4 Vision Sensor
FZ4 represents an evolutionary journey that takes speed, accuracy and usability, these three aspects from the past and into the future to allow you to increase quality.
FQ Vision Sensor
One-touch Operation
All-in-one Compact Vision Sensor with user-friendly guided operation and crystal clear imaging. Suitable for all types of processing and packaging applications.
FJ Series Camera and Software Camera & Software Vision Package
FJ Series Camera and Software
Camera and Software Vision Package
Built-in high-quality image processing in a PC system.
FJ Series All-in-one PC Vision System
FJ Series All-in-one
All-in-One Vision System
PC-based, flexible image processing system.
FL Lighting for Image Processing
The ideal lighting solution to achieve stable inspection of sharp and bright images through ODR technology.
FZM1 Vision Sensor for Pick & Place
Vision - Tailored for Pick & Place
Precise, easy and fast! Stable inspections and high speed EtherCAT image acquisition and processing optimized for positioning tasks.
ZFV-C Smart Sensors with Ultra-High-Speed Color CCD Cameras
Target, Teach, Go!
? Color Vision Sensor for easy applications.
? The Color Filter function is completely automatic.
? Live inspection feedback while watching the monitor.
ZFX Color Vision Sensor with Built-in LCD Monitor
High level image processing with easy operation.
Total image processing system, from camera with integrated light source to image-processing unit.
FZ3-UGI Vision Sensor Software for Glue Bead Inspection
Vision Sensor Software
For glue bead inspection. Automatically calculates glue width and detects angled gaps even complex curved path.
F210-C1_-ETN Network Vision Sensor Series
F210-C1_-ETN/ F500-C1[]-ETN
Network Vision Sensor with enhanced storage & network function innovation to quality management. Support to find the optimal settings for quality detection.
F210 Vision Sensor
High-speed high-power Visual Inspection System. Application software package to do complicated tasks at an ease. Memory card to expand image memory and scenes.
F500 Vision Sensor
The F500 Network-compatible Sensor supports everything from high-precision detection to production and quality control.
F160-2 Vision Sensor
High-speed Visual Inspection System suitable for quality inspections, defects, process control, robot guidance, color differentiation, character inspection etc.
VC-DL100 Digital Lupe
Digital Lupe
Easy to operate and has digital functionality that can greatly boost quality control capabilities.
3Z4S-LT LED Lighting System
LED Lighting System
A wide range of LED illumination products allows you to select the optimal Illumination Device for each image-processing application.
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