Freaquency Inverters
Servo Motors and drives
Servo Motors and Drivers
SMARTSTEP - Compact AC servo drives and motors provide affordable control for applications with basic speed and position control requirement. For basic operation, setup parameters can be set using front panel switches. The drive unit responds to standard pulse - train commands and can be used for simple control.
W Series - Compact AC servo drives and motors deliver ultra - high performance, with advanced monitoring features built into drives. Covering Power ranges up to 5.5kW. Torque, position and speed control modes are all configurable from one drive, providing maximum flexibility. It comes with DeviceNet Unit option.
W Series
U Series - Compact AC servo drives and motors provides effortless functionality with capacities ranging from 30 W to 1.5 kW. It provides the affordable control applications with torque and speed control. Fast response frequency up to 250 Hz and improved communications capability with personal computer.
U Series
CJ1W-NC - Ultra Compact Size 1, 2, 4 - Axis Sysmac CJ Series Positioning Control Unit. 
CS1W-MC - Compact Size 2 and 4 axis Sysmac CS series torque - positioning and speed motion control unit.